BetOnline Mobile Sportsbook review

Since 1991, in the very early days of the Internet and the World Wide Web, BetOnline sought and qualified for legal licensing to provide US residents with Internet gambling options. More than 20 years later the company still maintains legal licensing and certification by the government of Panama, one of the most respected online gambling license providers. Uniquely providing a lifetime bonus guarantee of 25% on all deposits of $50 or more, BetOnline is the bonus leader in the virtual gambling industry, effectively and reliably providing Vegas mobile sportsbook gambling experiences to US and International players.

The company recently updated its mobile sports betting experience to provide a free $50 bet the first time you access your account from your smartphone or tablet. All standard and exotic types of sports bets are supported from the company's mobile sportsbook, as well as all of the popular sports leagues from around the world. The experience is secure and speedy, you have several legitimate banking options, and when you place your first live bet from your mobile device, you receive a $25 free live betting wager. Let's take a closer look at the mobile sports betting experience BetOnline offers.

BetOnline Mobile Sports Betting Technology Means No Download

It used to be that the mobile sports betting experience required a software download. That is no longer the case at legitimate Internet bookmakers like BetOnline. The invention of "responsive technology" means that you may access the BetOnline mobile sportsbook from a 3 inch smartphone display running an Android operating system, or an Apple iPad 10 inch high definition screen, and your user interface is customized to your particular screen, orientation and aspect ratio. No download is ever required. Just head over to the BetOnline website, and instantly you receive the display that is perfect for your particular device. The very first time you attempt to log in on your tablet or smartphone you will have to confirm through your e-mail that you are the account holder. Then you can log into your account and start making bets. The BetOnline mobile sportsbook is compatible with iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows mobile operating system platforms, therefore spanning most mainstream devices in their range of compatibility.

BetOnline Mobile Sports Betting Interface - What to Expect on Your Smartphone or Tablet

BetOnline mobile sportsbook screenshotVisually the layout may look a little different than what you have come to expect from your laptop or desktop PC. This is simply because most tablets and smartphones have much smaller displays and screens than their personal computing counterparts. Once you log into your account and choose the sportsbook, you will see Football, Basketball, Baseball and Boxing sports betting options listed at the top of your display. To the right and left of those options are arrows, which give you access to Cricket, Golf, Martial Arts, Rugby, Soccer, Tennis, and "All Sports". Tap your desired sport and you are taken to the bets currently available. At the top left of every screen is a small icon with three horizontal lines. Tap that to bring up your menu where you can access the Live Betting section of the mobile sportsbook, Log In or head to the BetOnline Homepage. At the bottom of every mobile sports betting page, BetOnline contains links to Rules and Customer Contact. Once you select your sport and the game you want to bet on, place the appropriate wager, receive your betting confirmation and you are good to go.

BetOnline Mobile Sportsbook Bonuses

Access the mobile sports betting platform delivered by BetOnline, and the first bet you place on your smartphone or tablet will receive a $50 mobile betting free play. The new live betting sports wager which allows you to bet in the middle of sporting events will also reward you with a free $25 play the first time you place this type of wager. Your mobile sports betting bonuses also include "industry-best major league baseball dime lines". This delivers you MLB lines all the way up to -199 in many cases. During special seasonal promotions, like the beginning of the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and NCAA football and basketball seasons, your BetOnline mobile sportsbook bonuses can include 50% deposit matches, free bets and other mobile incentives.

BetOnline Mobile Sports Betting Wrapup

With a $50 free mobile bet, lifetime 25% deposit matching bonuses and a free $25 play the first time you place a live bet in-game wager from your mobile device, the "on the go" sports betting experience that BetOnline delivers is excellent. The company is legally licensed to support US bettors, and with nearly 25 years of online gambling experience your sessions are always safe, speedy and reliable. It is also nice that you do not have to undergo any time-wasting software download to access the BetOnline mobile sportsbook. Simply power up your tablet or smartphone, head over to the BetOnline website, log into your account and start betting. Supporting both US and international gamblers, the mobile BetOnline sportsbook comes highly recommended as one of the best mobile betting experiences on the web.

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